Frederick’s Place

Publicstar is proud to be involved in a £26m Grade A, Category A office and retail development at Fredericks Place, in collaboration with our associates Carmel Group Ltd and KJ Tait. This development includes the construction of a seven-story structure, with retail units on the lowest two floors and category A office spaces on the upper floors, and is due for completion in January 2024.

Publicstar is supplying, installing, and commissioning a Trend IQ4 system, including an IQVISION Supervisor. This means the solution will consolidate trend controllers, third-party devices, and internet protocols into a centralised software platform to manage the building at an enterprise level. This delivers the optimum efficiency for energy use across the whole premises; from the basement hot water cylinder to the fifth-floor natural ventilation system.

A centralised software platform to manage the building at an enterprise level

We have been pleased to continue our work in the Grade A, Category A commercial office building industry. The demand for the best-in-class office space, in the best locations is being registered across all UK cities, and 4a and 4b Fredericks Place by no means falls short of this. This high-end office industry has been positively impacted by the pandemic, with the revolution of hybrid working leading to businesses shrinking their overall footprint and desiring the utmost quality environment.

At Fredericks Place, we are providing time control functionality and/or monitoring of the following systems:

  • Natural Ventilation Indicator System across all 5 floors
  • Mitsubishi VRF and HVRF (Hybrid Variable Refringent Flow) – our system will allow seamless sharing of data across these plants, allowing remote scheduling and more
  • DCV Wise System (Domain Control Unit)
  • AHUs. (Air Handling Units)
  • HRU’s. (Heat Recovery Units)
  • HWS (Hot Water System)
  • Cold Water Storage and Booster Monitoring
  • Meter monitoring – including Cold Water, Gas and Electric; Pulse, MBUS, and MODBUS
  • Fire Alarm Interface
  • LTHW (Low Temperate Hot Water) and CW Pump Systems
  • Critical Plant Monitoring
  • Our system will also link with the Swegon system and the EMS (Energy Monitoring System)
  • BMS BacNet Interface to Swegon, Wise, MVHR, and VRF systems

Our IQVISION supervisor provides a comprehensive, graphical engineering toolset and its ease of use means this real-time information and analytics can instantly be viewed on any web-enabled device, including smart phones.

Trend Control Systems is a division of Honeywell Technologies, who has revolutionised the BEMS industry through decades of innovation. Here at Publicstar, hundreds of projects, and 25 years later, we are proud to have worked with Honeywell since our inception.

We are proud to commence our relationship with Carmel Group Ltd and KJ Tait on such an eminent project. Carmel is a highly experienced firm that provides services from design all the way through the build unto maintenance and has worked on some exciting projects such as Queen Elisabeth Hospital. KJ Tait design building services and have an acute focus on energy and sustainability good practice, this is closely aligned with our own company values.

We hope to continue our successful relationship. You can find out more about these enterprises in the links below this article.

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