Background Info

Publicstar is a family run company since 1996 and has built an enviable reputation in the BMS control industry. Our philosophy remains the same that we are there to make our clients life’s a little easier by delivering their project when we say we will & helping them achieve what they want.

Publicstar has been fortunate to work with a very wide range of clients on some of the most prestigious buildings and projects in the UK, including high end bespoke large residential to unique historic sites.

For Publicstar it’s all about the client.

Working closely with Mechanical Consultants, drawing on our huge experience to advise on the design to ensure the project fulfils the client brief to the most energy efficient and working result.

It’s all about the client working closely with the residential end user to ensure the controls are not only easy to use but are also discreet, with sensors matching other room finishes.

It’s all about the client when working with contractors. Helping our client to fulfill the project on time on budget and assisting with site requirements. We ensure our contractor clients can rely on Publicstar for all technical assistance.

We at Publicstar look forward to the future challenges over the next twenty-plus years and continuing to expand and maintain our wonderful track record.

Our philosophy

Client solution focused, BMS control design must be suited to the end user and client aims. How does the client want to control their environment? A clear client brief is essential leading to focus on satisfied customers and exceeding expectations. We only employ the best engineers and electricians in the industry.

About our future

Controls are constantly changing with improvements to efficiency and cost effectiveness. Publicstar aims to always provide a fresh approach to all projects. Just because it worked before doesn’t mean it’s the best solution this time. Fresh ideas are always welcome and best practice constantly evolving.


The Visionary

Publicstar - Ian Lloyd


Our Managing Director has tremendous experience in the control industry, starting out over 30 years ago. Ian started onsite commissioning BMS’s and now works closely with clients to ensure our team of engineers & electricians achieve the clients and project aims.

Ian has been involved in some of the most prestigious and unique projects in the UK including the first BMS commercial natural ventilation project.

Married with two children, one of which is now our Office Manager, Ian is still enjoying the process of helping with initial project designs to working project and a satisfied client. As Ian says ‘every project has its own challenges and it’s still so rewarding to overcome these challenges and see the project through to the finish and a happy client’.