Revolutionising Mitre Yard with an Advanced BMS

Discover how Publicstar enhanced Mitre Yard with a state-of-the-art Priva Building Management System (BMS). This automates the projects services while increasing efficiency and sustainability in this landmark London development.

Publicstar recently completed the project Mitre Yard, Scrubs Lane. This is our first direct collaboration with our client, O’Shea, one of the largest privately-owned construction and property development companies in London and the Southeast.

Mitre Yard is a brownfield, mixed-use development, including 241 luxury apartments across 19 storeys. The innovation does not end in the apartments, as Mitre Yard’s services are controlled by a Priva Building Management System (BMS), supplied, installed, and commissioned by Publicstar.

Innovative BMS Solutions for Mitre Yard’s Mixed-Use Development

One of the MCPs designed, supplied, built, and commissioned by Publicstar for the Mitre Yard development, featuring advanced BMS integration with Priva and Trend systems.
Plant equipment including pumps, pressurisation units, and side stream filters at the Mitre Yard development, featuring advanced BMS integration with Priva and Trend systems.

We designed 4 Main Control Panels (MCPs) for this project. These MCPs use the Priva Blue ID system to power, control and / or monitor the:

Hot water system
Cold water system
Energy management system
Landlord ventilation.

These various systems include an array of boilers, pumps, fans, heat meters, gas meters, water tanks, trace heating, and side stream filters.

Why the Priva Blue ID System Was Chosen as the BMS for Mitre Yard

After careful evaluation, we selected the Priva Blue ID C-Line system as the BMS for this project. As a registered Priva Partner, we have used the Priva Blue ID C-Line system time and time again. This is because this BMS balances versatility, innovation, and affordability.

These controllers offer a complete package for a job of Mitre Yards magnitude. The simplicity through integration enables us to complete hard wired connections to monitor sensors, faults and flow, as well as control speed and temperature. As well as M-Bus and Modbus connections for the energy management system.

We have completed the finishing touches of the Priva system with a touchpoint on our MCPs, allowing time control and graphic monitoring. We have also compiled front end graphics for seamless control for the end user.

Publicstar have installed cloud access, allowing us to be instant remote responders in the event of any issues. As well as provide the ability to the landlord to monitor the buildings services and be proactively alerted of any alarms via email.

An remarkable aspect of our work has also been supplying, installing and commissioning a natural gas safety system in the car park areas. We have worked with our associates at S&S Northern to devise a solution for this, integrating their equipment with our Priva BMS.

Priva C Line module used at the Mitre Yard development, showcasing advanced BMS integration with Priva and Trend systems.
Priva touchpoint used at the Mitre Yard development, featuring advanced BMS integration with Priva and Trend systems.
S&S natural CO gas safety system used in the car park at Mitre Yard development, integrated with the advanced Priva BMS and Trend systems.
Mitre Yard development where Publicstar designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned a Priva BMS system, showcasing advanced integration with Priva and Trend technologies.

The architecture of Mitre Yard is reflective of local textures and materials, including the panels, rivets, and metalwork of local bridges Scrubs Lane Over Bridge and Mitre Bridge (both reconstructed 1905).

This reflection on the local area’s history is fitting as this project is at the forefront of the £26 billion masterplan to transform this area of Northwest London into a growth zone of unprecedented potential.

Luxurious outdoor living space at Mitre Yard development, showcasing modern apartment design with comfortable seating and ambient lighting.
Modern commercial space at Mitre Yard development, showcasing 'Studio 1' storefront with advanced BMS integration for efficient building management.

This is one project of C.J. O’Shea and Company’s current £1.75 billion portfolio of current developments in London. O’Shea handle contracts between £10 to £300 million and deliver quality, innovative and sustainable developments, please click on the button at the bottom of this page to see more of these.

We are very pleased to be delivering a project with O’Shea which fulfils our shared values of quality, innovation and sustainability, and we look forward to the next phase.

Do you think we may be able to help on your next project?

Publicstar have a diverse range of portfolio of sites we maintain, including but not limited to Priva, Trend, and Heatmiser systems. If this is something we could help you with, contact us.

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