Chelsea Square, SW3

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Publicstar is delighted to announce another exclusive luxury residential project, in one of London’s most desirable localities, Chelsea Square SW3.

This home boasts seven bedrooms, a gym, and a library, to name just a few of its amenities. all of which will be independently climate controlled by Electric Underfloor Heating, Individual Radiator Control, and VRV Air Conditioning.

Publicstar is supplying, installing, and commissioning the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) that makes this possible, the Priva Blue ID System.

Our partners at Priva designed the Blue ID system to ensure maximum operational reliability; all environment-critical components are found in the individual modules. This means in the event of a fault, it is limited to that specific component and no domino effect occurs, ensuring minimal maintenance costs.

An important feature of the Priva system is the versatile 2-wire, this makes it possible to make almost any twisted pair cable suitable for IP communication. This is acutely useful for retrofit projects and means it is compatible with a huge range of other plant and systems. At Chelsea Square, we are integrating with the Daikin air conditioning interface over BACnet IP.

On top of this, for our client, the Priva system is leading in user convenience. This is due to the non-technical Blue ID Touchpoint delivering complete control over building activity, including customised timed climate cycles. It is easy to see why consumers report savings of over 22% in gas consumption.

Publicstar will have remote access and motoring of all plant status over the cloud, so we can proactively manage any potential issues.

What does the Hilton Hotel at Amsterdam Airport and St Paul’s Cathedral have in common?

The 433 bedrooms of the Hilton Hotel and the Neoclassic 340-year-old Icon share the same BEMS, the Priva Blue ID System.

Both projects are great successes for our partner, Priva, and demonstrate the versatility, accuracy, and scalability of the Priva system.

Publicstar has been a Priva partner for over a decade, collaborating across a huge range of projects. If you would like to find out more about this system, we are always available to contact and connect.

This is our first project working with our associates at PS Baker, a highly experienced pluming and central heating contractors. They have a very strong reputation for high end residential London projects, see more of them here. On a project with such a stature as Chelsea Square, our collaboration will ensure a meticulous finish!

Chelsea Square was originally built in 1810, under its original name Trafalgar Square. Renamed in 1938 after it had been majorly redeveloped by the Cadogan Estate, Chelsea Square is the name of the road that covers three of the four sides of the Chelsea Common. This common was originally used as a tennis court and is locked to all except its local residents. In more recent times, it has made headlines as one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods with properties being sold from £8,500,000 to £16,500,000 over the last two years.

Do you think we may be able to help on your next project?

Publicstar have a diverse range of portfolio of sites we maintain, including but not limited to Priva, Trend, and Heatmiser systems. If this is something we could help you with, let us know.

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